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J.Wittenberg Multimedia is a small one-man business. Very small in fact. I am really just a mad computer enthusiast. Every service I offer is really just a hobby of mine that I do in my spare time next to my daytime job. If I weren't paid for it, I would still be doing them anyway!
However, sometimes I started doing small jobs for a small - sometimes almost symbolic - financial compensation. But money is money, taxes had to be paid and my 'company' was born. J.Wittenberg Multimedia is located in The Netherlands and is registered with the dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) under number 01101476.
What does this mean for you?
  • Since I am not a big-time company with loads of employees you can count on a pleasant, personalized, relaxed and tailored communication.
  • I have regular daytime job that provides my salary, and all my services are really my hobbies. This enables me to ask for rates so low that most consider it plain funny.
So please, have a look on my site and see what I have to offer. The black menubar above contains my 'business' services, mostly focussed on 'things with computers' but also original music creation.

In the blue bar below you can find the 'personal' options. Although I have grown way beyond a 'personal homepage with a picture of my dog', magic would have it that I still felt an urge to create something along those lines. So here you can find a little personal info and some photo's I'd like to share with the world.
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