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Webdesign & maintenance

I have been building websites since the early internet days, and for some strange reason still enjoy it today. My perspective is that internet was not a hype and webpages are great platforms to reach out. Still, a healthy down-to-earth approach is in place. Websites don't need to cost thousands of dollars to work. Likewise, most pages do not need dynamic interaction or databases. Sometimes, you just want to say 'hi'.
I can accomodate most of these considerations, varying from simple web presences to complex database-driven sites with content management.
Apart from building sites, I have found that there also is a need for web maintenance. Many people have had a website build - perhaps by a proffesional company, perhaps by your little nephew - only to find out that keeping the thing up to date is the real bottleneck! I have helped stranded websites get back up, made content refreshed and up-to-date and assisted in providing a way to keep the site running in the future.

For this, I have a profound understanding of HTML and CSS, as well as more 'advanced' technologies if required.
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