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Who is?

My name is Joris Wittenberg and I was born on november 1st in The Netherlands. I lived in Indonesia from the age of 2 till 7 and spent the rest of my childhood in The Netherlands.
I studied marine biology at The University of Groningen. Soon after graduation I winded up at the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, gradually becoming more and more involved with databases and database management. My love for the underwater world has not vanished though, and I satisfy the related urges with scuba diving.
My free time is equally important to me. Obviously I do a lot with computers: I built them, create music with them, draw with them, animate on them and play games on them. And last but not least, I spent a lot of time doing webdesign and maintenance including more 'advanced' pages that interact with databases.
Apart from computers I also love nature, movies, traveling, photography and scuba diving.
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